What will be the food trends of 2017?

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Eddy the Robot
credit: Shani Sadicario

High-tech diet

Increasing attention is being given to the role that technology can play in preserving our food supply system. This was obvious to me during a recent trip to Israel (courtesy of Vibe Israel), where I encountered companies doing all sorts of interesting food-related research. Some of these are:

- Developing a device to detect contamination in drinking water by a company called Lishtot
- Hydroponics, both on a large scale and at home
- A little water-bound robot named ‘Eddy’ that floats in soilless gardens and allows home-growers to monitor remotely what their gardens need and share tips with the global community (pictured above)
- SuperMeat’s work to grow 3-D ‘meat’ that’s biologically identical to real meat, but does not harm any animals

Biotech companies like Impossible Meats and New Wave Foods are developing fascinating meat alternatives -- respectively, a bloody veggie burger and algae-based shrimp. They have developed prototypes that will hopefully hit mainstream markets in 2017.

On an entirely different note, more basic technology such as online grocery shopping is easier to find. This is promising for the many individuals who struggle to shop in person on a regular basis and will hopefully bring fresher foods into their diets.

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