What will be the food trends of 2017?

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pot of soaked beans
credit: Greg Myers

Alternative proteins

As awareness grows about the ecological impact of meat, many individuals are shifting their diets toward plant-based proteins. This change appears to be happening across the board, from main courses (tofu, seitan, tempeh are becoming easier to find, with more delicious recipes available), to protein powders (made of pea and hemp proteins), to snack foods (like roasted chickpeas). Dare I say it’s becoming cool to be vegetarian or vegan, in a way that it never used to be?

Insects are creeping and crawling onto the culinary stage. Several years ago it would have been rare to come into contact with edible insects, but now it seems that most people have at least one story about a run-in with crickets, mealworms, or the like. Over time, the idea of edible insects – still so uncomfortable – will eventually be normalized.

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