What will be the food trends of 2017?

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kimchi packed into jar
credit: K Martinko

DIY: pickling, fermenting, gardening

The past year has been a rough one for many people, and it seems that many of us are looking for opportunities (and excuses) to hunker down and hole up at home. In the words of TreeHugger’s managing editor, Melissa Breyer, “People are likely to gravitate toward stories where comfort and sustainability connect – positive actions that make them feel good and protected, while being proactive.”

Recipes for pickling vegetables abound online and in food magazines, whether preserving through traditional methods or using quick pickling techniques. Foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha, already common household names, continue to grow in popularity. People are starting to experiment further, making their own mead, yogurt, paneer, and tofu at home.

The DIY trend is extending beyond the kitchen to balconies and backyards, where growing one’s own food is become more common. Schools are incorporating vegetable patches into their yards and curriculum. People have experimenting with vermiculture, with bokashi composting, with small household-sized hydroponics units.

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