10 ugly fruits and vegetables to put a smile on your face

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The Dancing Carrots

An estimated 40 percent of produce goes uneaten because it does not meet the cosmetic standards upheld by most supermarkets in North America. These are the fruits and vegetables that most shoppers would consider ugly and probably pick over if encountered in a grocery store, and yet they are perfectly good.

Jordan Figueredo wants consumers to start thinking differently about ugly produce. He runs a Twitter account called @UglyFruitAndVeg that features silly, hilarious, surprisingly anthropomorphic, and even romantic photos of deformed produce. The Twitter campaign is an extension of, an organization that’s striving “to end food waste, hunger, and climate change – all at the same time.” It’s calling on consumers to spread the news about unnecessary food waste and pressure supermarkets to stop excluding ugly produce, to everyone’s detriment.

This slideshow features some of the most amusing images from @UglyFruitAndVeg and are used with permission. Be entertained and challenge any internal beauty standards you may be harboring in your shopping habits!

These 'dancing carrots' -- or their relatives -- are a fairly common sight for anyone who's grown their own vegetables. According to Irwin Goldman, professor horticulture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, carrots often get gnarled when the tip of the root hits a rock, insect, or other roadblock, and then it will send out an additional sprout.

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