The Green Baby Checklist: What New Parents Need

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Whether you're a first-time parent or a Duggar-inspired couple with 18 (or is it 19?) kids and counting, making green choices on everything from diapers and bottles to cribs and blankets can keep your baby safe and healthy--and keep the world safe for them to inherit. Try these stylish, eco-friendly products to have the chicest, greenest baby around--starting with gDiapers.


You know that disposable diapers are are a nasty environmental problem--they make up 5 percent of landfill waste--but if you still aren't quite sure you have the fortitude for cloth, get the best of both worlds with gDiapers, reusable (and totally adorable) cloth pants that use either biodegradable, disposable inserts or reusable cloth pads to trap leaks.

The disposable refills are made of wood pulp and sodium polyacrylate so you can compost them, trash them, or flush them--and they start to break down in as little as seven weeks, so you can stop putting so much crap in the landfills.

Photo via gDiapers