The Best and Worst of 2009: The Year in Food, Food Fights, and Future Food

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As the decade rolls to a close, we can look to 2009 as a pretty amazing year in food. From organic food to organic agriculture, genetically modified organisms to food shortages, and food fights to the future of food, it was a big year in food in 2009; here's a look back (including a quick look ahead) at the year that was.

From organics to GMOs, climate change to food security, and Copenhagen to your own back yard, there was an awful lot going on with food in the past year. Some of it will be a relic of 2009 forever, and some will affect the way we eat, and how we think about and interact with food, for years and decades to come. Check out the best and worst of 2009 in food.

Photo credit: timparkinson via Flickr