A photographic journey through a world of fridges

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Argentine family and food
credit: Admiral (used with permission)

1. Argentina

Whenever I visit someone's house, I have an intense desire to open the fridge and peek inside. I feel like I'll discover more about the person I'm visiting based on the contents of their fridge than I will in an hour of talking.

That's why the photo series by Admiral Home Insurance, titled "It's a Cool World," caught my attention. It satisfies my odd curiosity and offers a fascinating glimpse into the culinary lives of others around the world. Perhaps most profoundly, it reveals how many people feed their families with limited resources. It's interesting to see what percentage of household incomes go toward food in different countries.

The full photo series features households in 20 countries, but we've picked ten to show you here.

This fridge belongs to a family of four, with two parents and two adult children. Miguel, the 33-year-old son pictured above, says,

"As a special treat we have dulce de leche (caramel jam) and sometimes dulce de batata (sweet potato jam). My mum and dad take it in turns to do a big shop once a month for non-perishable food. Then mum does a weekly shop for meats, vegetables, fruits and bread. We take a car 2 km to the supermarket, and from grocery stores we walk with items in bags or a trolley."

Monthly income: US$1,475 / Monthly food spending: US$302

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