New York's Union Square Greenmarket, the Best in the Nation?

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union square farmers market photo

credit: Mat McDermott

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Two from Windfall Farms. The small Mexican sour gherkins on the left look interesting to me, but I've been a bit scared off by the $6 per quarter pound price tag. I imagine you get a good number of them for that $6, but still. On the right is a good example of the wide variety of sprouts and greens available here. Interesting and intriguing that these are available, but I'm not sure $12 worth of them are going to beat out similar-looking and less-expensive greens on my palate. Love that I could buy them if I got the sudden urge for Vietnamese radish though.

The sour gherkins might be too much for this salad in terms of taste, but the similar size between them and cherry tomatoes might be interesting. Read more: Cucumber, Tomato and Feta Salad.