Local Food, Motherfu$k*r: 10 Awesome Ad Campaigns Addressing Food's Carbon Footprint

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Eat Local Food Mother by Thomas Cheng
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Around the world, the local food movement is gaining momentum, and anyone from celebrity chefs to simply conscious people are trying to stick to the 100 Mile Diet.

Why? Because it is healthier for you, and healthier for the planet. Local food means big advantages: fresher produce, reduced transportation (read: less CO2, less petrol, less packaging), more organically grown items, and knowing who grew your food. In an effort to bring the focus on local food mainstream, organizations around the world have launched truly smart ad campaigns. Find our 10 favourites here:

1. Local Food by Thomas Cheng - Canada

Toronto-based graphic designer Thomas Cheng created three ads to encourage readers of Now Magazine to eat local -- we added the smiley face to this one.

Photo via Thomas Cheng