Home Harvest From a Backyard No-dig Garden

Warren McLaren

Warren McLaren
Living / Green Food
April 13, 2010

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Almost a year ago I ran a post about our backyard adventures in no-dig gardening at our home in Australia. Twelve months on, I thought readers might be interested in learning how those endeavors panned out: plenty of successes -- and equally, lessons well learned. But rather than a long essay, like the previous post on this subject, I've opted for the more visual approach of slideshow to better illustrate our highs and our stumbles.

For more information on the methods and pioneers in no-dig gardening, check out that previous post: Try No Dig Gardening for Your Backyard Vegetables.


One of the joys of this form of gardening -- in which you build up new soil and growing matter above existing ground level -- is the surprises that await those who can lay down liberal quantities of composted food scraps. As this diverse collection of potato varieties indicates.

Photo: Warren McLaren / inov8