Green Your Kid's Packed School Lunch: The Buy Guide

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Send your kids off to school in style with the lunch boxes, silverware, napkins, and containers that will make them the most popular kid in the cafeteria -- and, while you're at it, cut back on the waste inherent in disposable paper bags and plastic snack packs. This buy guide will help you pick the greenest, and most useful products for a packed school lunch -- which can be a healthy, cost-cutting alternative to school cafeteria fare.

And don't rule out the office -- many of these items work there too. For more tips, check out 7 Strategies for Packing a Healthy, Green School Lunch on Planet Green.

Goodbyn Lunchbox

A lunch starts with an eco-friendly lunch box -- which is where the Goodbyn comes in.

Made of recyclable plastic, the Goodbyn is backpack-shaped for easy carrying, and is pre-formed into compartments that keep sandwiches, drinks, snacks, and fruit separate (we especially like the rounded top that gives hard-to-pack bananas a home). The middle compartment holds a reusable drink bottle, and some versions of the box come with stickers so that younger kids can put their own stamp on the outside. (Goodbyn lunch box, $25

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