Biodynamic Wine: One California Vineyard Doing it Right

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deloach winery pouring red wine photo
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DeLoach Vineyard in Santa Rosa, California isn't just growing grapes to make some stellar wine: This winery is growing them in a way few others are, and because of their unique methods, they're setting the bar extraordinarily high for sustainable wineries.

According to DeLoach, while 60% of California's vineyards claim to be using some sort of sustainable practice, they're one of the only ones who can call themselves a biodynamic winery -- certified biodynamic by Demeter, the world's only certifier of Biodynamic farms and products.

But just what does "biodynamic" mean? We took a trip to find out, and in the process discovered why all wineries looking to be sustainable will want to take a cue from DeLoach.

Photo via Jaymi Heimbuch