Best of Green: Food and Health

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Of all the environmental issues to think about -- and there a lot of them -- questions concerning food and health are common to us all. We've all got to eat, and do so every day, and so questions of how we manage the environment and how the environment affects human health affect all humankind. How we will feed the world's burgeoning population? Which farmers are pushing beyond organic? Can corporate growth and products that are healthy for people and the environment ever meet in a happy place? Nothing, it seems, is so systematically and emotionally complicated as agriculture and health -- because it's not just about tasty recipes, there are economics, science, and politics involved. On the following pages, we highlight some of the companies, products, people, and ideas that are pushing the envelope when it comes to balancing and navigating the complex universe of ecologically sound food and health issues.

Written by David DeFranza, Jeff Nield, and Meaghan O'Neill

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