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Diego's Artisanal Vegan Chocolate Bars
credit: Diego's Artisanal Chocolate via Etsy

1. Diego’s Artisan Chocolate

If you’re planning on buying chocolate for Valentine’s Day, it’s best to steer clear of the candy bar aisle at the supermarket, since many of those conventional chocolate products are made in exploitative ways. (Read more about why you should buy fair trade.) Check out instead this list of smaller alternative companies that sell high quality, ethically made chocolate. You’ve still got time to order!

Diego is a Mayan Guatemalan who began experimenting with his grandmother’s drinking chocolate recipe to make a bar that could be packaged and sold. Twelve years later, Diego’s Artisan Chocolate has evolved into a successful company that prides itself on being “tree-to-bar,” meaning that the bars are made by local employees using ingredients sourced from the same region. This has a number of benefits: it reduces the overall carbon footprint of ingredients, keeps income within the country of origin (breaking the age-old pattern of cacao always being an ‘extractive’ resource), and results in a fresher bar made of cacao that has not languished in transit for extended periods of time.

Buy Diego’s Artisan Chocolate online through Etsy or in select locations in Philadelphia, New York City, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington state.

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