8 TreeHugger-Tested Coffeemakers for Professional Home Brew

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But Lloyd's also partial to the potent espresso from his Gaggia, a brand known for its automatic and manual machines.

"Twenty years ago a wealthy Italian client took a sip of my office coffee and spit it out and said "This coffee is shit!" and got on the phone, screaming in Italian. The next day a Gaggia truck pulled up in front of the office and installed an espresso machine. I loved it so much that I wanted to get one for home and went to the Gaggia store and choked -- it was a thousand bucks," says Lloyd.

"When I closed my office I took it home and it has been pumping espresso ever since. As for the client, he stiffed me on my last bill so I guess I paid for it in the end." (Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine, $400)

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