7 winter vegetables to add to your plate

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credit: Eunice

1. Onions

Winter may not seem like a time for bountiful produce, especially if you live in a snowy region, but once you start eating seasonally, you will discover an impressive number of vegetables that are harvested through the late fall and early winter and keep well during the winter months. By adopting these cold-loving veggies into your diet, you won’t need to rely on imported produce from warmer climates.

Onions should be allowed to stand alone more often because they’re so delicious. Usually they’re added to create a base for every homemade soup, stew, and sauce, but there are many things you can do to give onions more of a starring role. Try caramelizing them to use on pizza, scrambled eggs, quiche, sandwiches or subs, onion dip, lasagna, etc. You could also make French onion soup, braise onions in olive oil, pickle them, grill them, or sauté them with other vegetables for a vegetarian stir-fry.

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