7 foods that are worthy of a financial splurge

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2. Organic Fruits and Vegetables

A study came out this past July, known as the Newcastle study, confirming that organic produce is considerably healthier than non-organic. In fact, its nutritional value is equivalent to eating twice as many non-organic servings of produce. Researchers confirmed the same thing in a book called “Toxin Toxout,” when pesticide residue was quantified and compared, and organic produce was shown to be healthier.

My advice is to seek out local organic growers, rather than heading to the imported organics aisle at the supermarket. Here in Ontario, almost all of that organic produce is flown in from California and comes in excessive layers of plastic packaging to differentiate it from the non-organic stuff. It’s also very expensive. Look for a CSA program, a farmer’s market, or start growing your own.

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