6 easy, wholesome and customizable meals both kids and parents will love

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kids eating pasta
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My kids are not very picky eaters, but they definitely have their preferences. While we do our best to expose them to different types of food and keep them involved in the kitchen, it's often difficult coming up with meals that both the kids and us parents will equally love that are also nutritious.

We want our kids to be as happy with the food in front of them as we are. We may love vegetarian gumbo, but the spices just aren't to my daughters liking no matter how many times and ways I try to serve it. Each of my kids go through phases with certain foods as well. One month one will love rice, but the next it's a no go. One will eat platefuls of broccoli for years and then at some point, not like it as much.

Despite that, we have a pretty strict policy on making just one meal that everyone eats. It's important to us that meals be a shared experience. That's why I started seeking out meals that were customizable based on what foods everyone loved and using what we had on hand. Each meal listed here is built for swaps and around choice and can easily be adapted to dietary choices from vegan to omnivore. Many times kids are most excited to eat a meal when they either have a say as to what goes in it or how they eat it.

These meals are also great foundations for eating seasonally. Use whatever vegetables are available at the farmers market.

If you don't have kids, these ideas are still for you. The meals are wholesome and flavorful so adults won't get bored. Plus they can always be jazzed up with some added spices or sauces on the plate.

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