12 more ugly fruits and vegetables to put a smile on your face

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witch's hand carrot
credit: Ugly Fruit and Veg (via Twitter)

Witch's Hand Carrot

The “Eat Ugly” movement continues to grow as more and more people realize the importance of eating produce that is not necessarily beautiful, but is just as healthy and nourishing as “perfect” supermarket produce.

Jordan Figueredo is the founder of @UglyFruitandVeg, a fun Twitter account that collects and posts pictures of wonderfully imperfect fruits and vegetables as a reminder that these exist and should be part of our regular diet. It is part of a broader campaign called End Food Waste.

It’s time to embrace ugly produce and stand up against the standard practice of discarding 20 to 40 percent of produce grown for human consumption because it does not meet aesthetic requirements. A full 15 percent of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions come from the food we never eat.

TreeHugger featured a slideshow of ugly fruits and vegetables back in March, and we thought it was time for another one.

They call it "The Wicked Carrot of the East." This purple root looks more like a creepy, twisted witch's hand than a recognizable carrot. It would be a beast to peel, but I bet it would taste fabulous.

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