12 Fruits with the Most Pesticides

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Peaches top the list of most pesticide-ridden fruits, with some combination of up to 53 pesticides found on all the peaches in the study...yikes. With their relatively thin skin, peeling and washing can only do so much, so this one tops the list of fruits to definitely buy organic whenever possible.

To enjoy some yummy organic peaches, try Emeril's Sauteed Local Peaches, Emeril's Peaches And Cream Bread Pudding, or Emeril's Grilled Peaches with Red Wine Syrup; each recipe is waiting over at Planet Green.

Thanks to the Environmental Working Group, whom we recently named as Best Natural-Health News Website, for crunching the numbers and publishing the Shopper's Guide to Pesticides, where this list comes from. For more info on pesticides in produce, check out our list of 12 Vegetables with the Most Pesticides, too.

Image credit: Getty Images / Rosemary Calvert