11 Unexpected Recipes for Apples

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After eating your summer fill of super-sweet, soft berries, the apples of fall are the tart, crisp consolation prize of cooler temperatures. But eating them in the same few ways -- pie, tarts, cake, and sliced fresh -- can turn these welcome treats into just another boring part of your routine.

In fact, the apple is one versatile fruit. The 11 nontraditional apple recipes here soak it in vinegar, pair it with pumpkin, layer it in lasagna, and much more.

Bread and Butter Apple Pickles

Start with these bread and butter apple pickles from The Apple Lover's Cookbook by Amy Traverso, Yankee magazine lifestyle editor (and a former coworker): Leave thin-sliced apples and cucumbers in a mixture of rice vinegar, water, honey, sugar, and cinnamon; then use the resulting mixture on sandwiches or as a side salad.

Photo: The Apple Lovers Cookbook