10 TreeHugger friendly Halloween candy treats

Nib Mor Mint Daily Dose of Dark

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credit: The Die Line

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Looking for good-tasting and economical Halloween candy that doesn't contain a lot of artificial flavors and colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and that has all-organic ingredients can be a challenge - sometimes buying online can save you money and get a treat that's good and, if not good for you, at least not too bad for you either.

Nib Mor is one of the best tasting chocolate squares with a high cocoa content (72%)/ These delicious bite-sized bits of organic and ethically-traded chocolate (.35 ounces in the individually wrapped candy) have just the right balance of minty goodness and chocolatey richness. If you buy a box of 60 Nib Mor candies giving them out will cost you about $.58 per trick-or-treater.