10 Recipes for DIY Dried Foods, From Kale Chips to Rose Hips

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Dried food

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Banana Chips

What's your first defense against the bunch of bananas just about to become a bunch of brown fleshy fingers poised to feed a flock of fruit flies? Banana bread? Check. Frozen bananas for smoothies? Yes. But how about banana chips? Yum.

Here's how: Peel and slice bananas, then dip the slices into the lemon juice. Arrange on a lightly oiled baking sheet in a single layer. Dry in the oven at 175° F for 2 - 3 hours until entirely dried -- crisp and golden. Cool completely, store in airtight containers.

In case your bananas have passed their prime prior to drying them, salvation awaits you here: From Shoe Shining to Skin Smoothing: 7 Uses for Overripe Bananas.