Not Your Mother's Cookies: 10 Non-Traditional Cookie Recipes for Modern Holiday Baking

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herb orange butter cookies

credit: The Luna Cafe

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Sure, it's great to bring out all the old family favorite recipes for the holidays, but just because the dessert table is stocked with traditional sweets doesn't mean there isn't room for something new: Try these surprising -- and delicious -- combos (like bacon fat with ginger, hazelnut with pepper, lemon with rosemary) and start a new tradition.

Herb de Provence Orange Butter Cookies

Susan S. Bradley shares the how-to for these French-inspired butter cookies on the Luna Cafe blog, where she explains that the recipe for Herb de Provence orange cookies is an attempt "to bring a little of the aromatic French countryside to my own holiday table."

The butter cookies are seasoned with the traditional Herb de Provence mix of thyme, rosemary, summer savory, and lavender, plus orange juice and zest, and are finished with a light orange glaze for a not-as-sweet, tastebud-pleasing alternative.