10 Master Chefs Driving the Green Food Movement

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Around the world, master chefs have long been the face of sustainable eating, opening our minds and palettes to modern sustainability in the kitchen. After all, sustainably-sourced food tends to be better for you and tastier. From waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the fish market, to hand-picking heirloom produce, chefs understand that their menus are only as good as their ingredients. The following 10 culinary minds -- from TV personalities to executive chefs and blogging phenomenons -- are taking pains to deliver high impact flavor with little impact on the planet.

Chef Kevin Gillespie

He was the sweetheart of "Top Chef Season Six ," but what struck us most about Chef Kevin Gillespie was his uncanny ability to win round after round on the show using simplistic ingredients done really, really well.

Dishes like his oven roasted poblano pepper with sheeps milk ricotta and summer vegetable sauté are at the heart of his sustainable food philosophy. This dish is currently featured on the ever-changing menu at his restaurant, Woodfire Grill in Atlanta.

Photo Copyright: Fredrik Brauer

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