10 Horrifying Stories of Factory Farming Gone Wrong

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Do you really know what your factory-farmed meat went through before it ended up on your plate? (Warning: Many of the images and stories in this slideshow are beyond disturbing.)

The fact is, this journey is not for the faint of heart, and these stories -- from the 400,000 baby chicks killed when a farm went bankrupt, to the 150,000 male chicks ground up alive each day to the baby piglets left to die in manure bins -- are shocking. But they might also help you truly understand the impact of your diet.

While these stories might not convince the avid meat eater to go completely vegetarian -- many will find themselves considering other options, such as trimming down on meat consumption with a plan like Weekday Vegetarian or seeking out small, local farms that can guarantee a free-range, grass fed, and cruelty free life.

Photo: Dmitry Noskoff