10 Healthy, Green Breakfast Cereals to Start the Day Off Right

Me & Goji

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Is custom-made everything the green wave of the future? It certainly makes sense, considering it cuts down on waste, finesses production, and leaves you with exactly what you want.

This premise applies to cereal from Me & Goji, which lets you choose your own ingredients and packaging for a just-to-your-taste breakfast.

Create your own mix with a base of flakes, granola, oats, wheat, or muesli; then request dried fruits, nuts, and seeds until you have a bowlful of exactly what you want -- or choose one of their recipes.

Many of the ingredients are organic and gluten-free, and the DIY process lets you control the sugar, fiber, and other nutrition information. (Me & Goji, starting at $4.90)

Photo: Me & Goji