10 Healthy, Green Breakfast Cereals to Start the Day Off Right

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If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, are you sure you're starting off with the healthiest -- and greenest -- possible meal?

Cereal is quick and easy, but this is one processed food that can be seriously deceptive -- with artificial sweetener, processed grains, and hidden ingredients that aren't as nutritious as you think.

For breakfast on the go, try this recipe for cereal bars from Emeril: Made with almonds, dried fruit, brown rice cereal, almond butter, and spices, they're a filling snack in a small package. Plus, you can control how much fat, sugar, and salt ends up in the finished product.

If you're more the pour-and-go type, check out the other cereals on this list: They're made with whole grains, are low in sugar, and come from companies with sustainable business practices.

Photo: musicfanatic29/Creative Commons