10 Healthy Aphrodisiac Foods to Eat Before Bedtime

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Valentine's day is not the only day to go to bed early: These 10 reputed aphrodisiacs will boost your bedroom experience to a whole new realm any night of the year. The health benefits will do your body good even out of the bedroom, including lowering cholesterol and increasing healthy fats.


This Valentine's Day classic gets its reported aphrodisiac properties from two of its chemical ingredients, tryptophan and phenylethelamine, which are related to lust and love, respectively. Science hasn't been able to back up any measurable effect on libido from eating the sweets, but it has proven that dark chocolate provides plenty of antioxidants, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, and can give the same blood-thinning properties as aspirin. Try it: Chocolate Fallen Souffle Cake

Photo via Rev Dan Catt @ flickr