10 Fruit Cocktails Made With Summer's Tastiest Ingredients

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Summer's harvest is hitting shelves everywhere -- toast the heatwave continuing across much of the U.S. with a chilled fruit cocktail made with local wine, organic liquor and Champagne, and the best fruits, berries, and herbs the season has to offer.

It might not get any cooler, but at least you'll swelter with a Blueberry Basil, an Orange Mojito, or a fruit-packed Sangria in your hand.


Sangria -- fresh, sweet, packed with chunks of seasonal fruit -- is the kind of crowd-pleasing summer drink that goes with burgers and hot dogs as well as it pairs with guacamole and your famous enchiladas.

Emeril's version, which includes red wine, brandy, Grand Marnier, and citrus fruits, is easy to make for your next summer cookout, and is easy to turn into an eco-friendly option when you choose local wine, organic liquors, and fruits in season in your neighborhood.

Photo: imcountingufoz/Creative Commons