10 Fresh, In-Season Fruits and Vegetables the West Coast Should be Eating Now

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Eating local food can be tricky during the winter months. A few weeks ago we showed you how the East Coast could keep the food miles low, and readers responded, hey, what about the rest of the continent?

West Coast residents are lucky when it comes to seasonal eating: The temperate climate means many foods are available year-round -- but wouldn't you rather have them at their peak? Here are 10 in-season vegetables -- along with recipes -- states along the Pacific should be looking out for.

Romanesco Cauliflower

Brassica vegetables -- including cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts -- are in season in cool weather, but this romanesco cauliflower is one of the farmers' market's most striking residents: It grows in a fractal pattern, resulting in a spiral-shaped head made up of smaller spiraled cones.

It's more tender than traditional broccoli, and is said to have a slightly nutty, spicy flavor when eaten raw or lightly cooked.

Try it: Pasta with Romanesco, Bacon, and Parmesan Cheese
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