10 Cold Vegetarian Soup Recipes For Summer's Hottest Days

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If -- like most residents of the U.S. -- you're in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave, then these chilled summer soups are just the menu items you need to stay out of the kitchen. Plus, they are all meat-free.

From fruit-based soups that require zero cooking to more complicated vegetable options that you can make ahead and freeze, turn to these cold dishes to stay cool all summer.

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Vichyssoise is a classic cold soup -- and it doesn't get much more classic than Julia Child's recipe, made with just a few natural ingredients: potatoes, leeks, heavy cream, vegetable stock, and chives.

The soup is a bit more labor intensive than some of the others here -- you have to simmer the potatoes for as long as 50 minutes, then blend them, then strain through cheesecloth -- but the end result is worth it.

Photo: aghrivaine/Creative Commons