Wood Construction In North America Scales Up, Gets Gorgeous

Laurentian University School of Architecture, Sudbury

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Laurentian School

credit: Levitt Goodman

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In Sudbury, Ontario, Levitt Goodman Architects are building a new Laurentian University School of Architecture out of CLT. Janna Levitt tells architectural critic Lisa Rochon why:

“CLT is to the 21st century what log construction was to the 19th century (and before). There is great potential, architecturally, to refine an aesthetic based on CLT construction that I find really exciting,” says design lead Janna Levitt. “The material can be exposed or not. There are acoustical benefits to CLT, as wood absorbs sound. And because it’s wood, it does not behave like a thermal bridge.” A recent fire-rating test for laminated wood also shows its strong resistance to fire; many people in the building industry are calling it the new concrete.

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