What's the best way to sell the Passive House concept?

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credit: What is comfort anyway?

Let's get comfortable.

What are the real benefits of living in a Passive House or Passivhaus? For many, the big sell has been the energy savings; the joke used to be that you can heat it with a hair dryer. But what do people really care about? I was asked to be a speaker at the recent North American Passive House Network convention in Vancouver and had been thinking for months about this; in a previous slideshow I wondered What's the best way to sell the green movement? In this slideshow I wonder what's the best way to sell a Passive House.

And I don't think the answer is about energy savings. As noted in an earlier post, The three most important things about passive houses are comfort, comfort and comfort. And while some people might think that a comfy sofa, a slanket, a remote control and a bucket of popcorn is the answer to comfort, I think there's more to it.

And if you don't like slideshows, I am sorry. But I was doing a lecture that was a slideshow, I do slideshows when I teach, it is the appropriate form and we do not have the technology platform to give you a choice.

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