What is "The world's greenest building?"

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credit: Geelen Counterflow

"Netherlands home to world's most sustainable office building"

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Engineering and Technology Magazine (and Gizmodo who picked up the story) call the head office of Geelen Counterflow in the Netherlands “the most sustainable office building in the world.”

And it is a nice little building, all made of wood and cradle to cradle approved materials, with a big green roof in the middle. Its solar array generates 50 percent more energy than it needs for heating, air conditioning, lighting and computers. It is declared most sustainable because it got “ 99.94 per cent score from the BREEAM certification system, the longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings.”

So we get it, it’s sustainable. But does a high BREEAM score, from a sort of European LEED for commercial buildings, make it the most sustainable building in the world?

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