The Week In Design, From Air Conditioning to Apple

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Week in Design
credit: Lloyd Alter

The week in Design

We just started these weekly roundups a little while ago, and as Editor of architecture and design I find it sometimes difficult to look back and review the comments left by readers. At TreeHugger we try to do more than just repost what is on the internet, we try to really add value, with some critical analysis of what we are showing.

So, for example, when a Walmart is converted to a library, I don't just look at the building but also the context; Walmarts are usually in big box centres far from where library patrons might live. It is a question worth asking.

Or Apple's new headquarters might be an absolutely stunning building by one of the world's best architects, but it is behind a fence to keep everyone out, turning its back on the community.

It is sometimes hard reading comments, to be told that I have a "puny mind". I may not be right in my criticism every time. But none of us at TreeHugger would be able to face our computers in the morning if we didn't think we were doing something important, fostering a discussion or opening eyes to a different way of looking at things. That's what we do.

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