The Week in Design: Shipping Containers, Sheds and Transformers!

Tiny, Rotating "House" Is Only One Square Meter, and You Can Build Your Own

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one sqm house van bo le-mentzel

credit: GONEASTRAYfilms

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The most popular design post of the week was this silly little interior shed, or really, as Alex notes,

In reality, it's not so much a house as it is a phone booth with a pointed roof. Depending on how he sets it up, Le-Mentzel can sit at a small desk, or peer out a window and use the space as a storefront the size of a lemonade stand. To make it a bedroom, he flips it on its side and adds a mattress (it's just long enough for his body). On top of that, the One SQM House is on wheels, so Le-Mentzel can pull it with him wherever he goes.

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