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Salvador's Walkways and Rede Sarah's Awesome Hospitals: The Legacy of Architect Lele

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Salvador's pedestrian walkways, designed by Joao Filgueiras Lima (Lele). Photo

credit: 'A arquitetura de Lelé: fábrica e invenção' exhibition.

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We are all over the place this week, and all over the time as well. Paula discovered an amazing architect I had never heard of, Joao Filgueiras Lima, known as Lele, who designed a spectacular set of pedestrian walkways for Salvador de Bahia. This is not TreeHugger correct anymore; the trend now is to have complete streets and not separate the pedestrians this way, but if you are going to do it, make it fun and colourful.

The images have that great Kodachrome look that you just don't get anymore. More in TreeHugger