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Dinner Parties, Guest Bedrooms, and Multiple Offices in a 420 Square Foot Apartment

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Graham Hill LifeEdited dinner party photo

credit: Fair Companies

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Fair Companies does a video of Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment that excites one commenter to say "This presentation is the best use of a small space I've seen. Kudos !!"

I agree. Like commenter Marrena, I also thought the ability to sit a dinner party for twelve was a bit over the top.

I think this is the best video yet of Hill's place. I was critical early on in the design phase of his insistence on being able to seat that many people for a dinner, but I see now that that type of in-home socializing is important to him. That said, if dinner parties are important to him, why is he pushing for sporks and plowls, or whatever those things are.

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