Timber in the City competition results revealed

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First Prize: Grow Your Own City

Last October I covered the announcement of a student competition to design a " a place for the creation of originative vocational opportunities embracing new wood technology." I declared that the Timber in the City competition would be one to watch, and the results are in.

The winners are Benjamin Bye, Alex Kenton, and Jason Rood of the University of Oregon, for Grow your own city.

Grow Your Own City aims to enhance the energetic life and community of Red Hook, building on its rich natural and cultural history and serving as a catalyst for urban regeneration and economic growth. The project would create affordable living units that could support a wide range of daily activities, inspire healthy community relations and establish and celebrate the natural forest and ecosystem of the Northeast United States. The bicycle shop, Timber Restaurant, and green alley highlight Red Hook’s vibrant cycling, culinary and eco-friendly culture.

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