Five of the Ten greenest buildings of 2013 chosen by the American Institute of Architects

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Charles David Keeling Apartments
credit: Charles David Keeling Apartments Photo: Lenska Aerial Photography

Charles David Keeling Apartments by KieranTimberlake

The AIA says this complex is "named for the scientist whose research first alerted the world to the possibility of the human impact on global atmospheric carbon." But April is in fact the 75 anniversary of the publication of Guy Stewart Callendar's scientific paper linking the burning of fossil fuels to the warming of the Earth's climate. I guess Britain is out of this world. Other than the name, Bustler summarizes its virtues:

The design response was to tune the design to capitalize on the favorable environmental features, while moderating or eliminating the undesirable ones. This led to a building envelope that uses thermal mass to buffer temperature changes, minimizes solar gain, and naturally ventilates. Water scarcity is managed through a comprehensive strategy of conservation and reuse, including on-site wastewater recycling. A vegetated roof, an unusual feature in this dry climate, absorbs and evaporates rain that falls on that portion of the building, with overflow directed to the courtyard retention basins.

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