Take a slideshow tour of Passivhaus projects in Europe

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credit: Bronwyn Barry

OeAD Dormitory

In the USA, if people have heard of the Passive House concept at all, they think about seriously energy-efficient houses that you can "heat with a hairdryer." It's a growing movement, with its first big international conference happening in Vancouver in September. It originated in Germany, and Bronwyn Barry of the American Passive House Network recently returned from a conference in Austria where she toured a number of projects, and has shared her photos with TreeHugger.

The most surprising thing is that these are big buildings, there isn't a house in the bunch. This building is actually a dormitory; Bronwyn writes:

My digs for a few days: Passivhaus Dormitory street view, including larger, family size units with orange shades. (The streetlamp hanging from the building in the foreground is typical of Vienna.)

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