This prefab sauna is absolutely extraordinary on so many levels.

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credit: Partisans

Where do we start? For one thing, it's prefabricated. This is often done with island properties; it's really expensive to get the trades out there. The architects note in their description in the award submission:

Due to the remote and difficult nature of the site, the only way to achieve the precision and sophistication of the interior was to prefabricate the building and deliver it to the site via a barge and crane. Prefabrication off‐site meant that the builder spent only three weeks on site (doing foundations, finishing the cladding and connecting services). Given that bringing materials to the island is a six hour round-‐‐trip by barge, minimizing the time spent on site saved tremendous labour and energy, and minimized site disturbance resulting from the construction process. Thus the project is an example of a highly sustainable method of building in Canada’s remote areas.

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