Portuguese Designer Builds Stunning Little Shelter Out Of Cork

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Cork is a wonderful material. Not only is it a renewable resource, but was under threat as the cork trees were chopped down to make room for development. But when cork is in demand, the trees and the forests are saved. as Bonnie notes,

Portugal's cork forests are home to many endangered species such as the Iberian lynx, the Barbary deer and the imperial Iberian eagle. The revival of the forests has been key to their survival.

Pablo also explains why we should put a cork in it!

Cork is a sustainable harvested, renewable resource that comes from the Cork Oak Tree. At the age of 25 the tree's bark can be harvested every 9 years, for a period of around 200 years. While the cork is growing it is sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and the financial viability of cork growers helps provide long term habitat protection for countless species.

Now Portuguese designer Gabriela Gomez shows us her Shelter ByGG, a lovely little building clad in this amazing material.

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