Photo of the Day: A McDonalds in Milan That Is No More

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mcdonalds milan

credit: Lloyd Alter

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The McDonalds in Milan's Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II has been peddling burgers to tourists and Milanese alike for twenty years. When I visited in the spring I thought it was odd, given that the other three corners were occupied by Prada, Louis Vuitton and Bernasconi. Others thought it odd too; according to the Guardian,

"For stores like Prada or Gucci, to have a McDonald's across from them probably didn't play well into the prestige of the gallery," said Italian luxury adviser Salvo Spagna. "It probably struck a wrong chord with the elegant, salon-of-Milan image."

So it has been kicked out for yet another Prada store, and is suing the city for $ 31 million.

I have never been a fan of McDonalds, but I think it is sad, that now only the very rich can afford to buy anything in the world's most beautiful (and city-owned) mall.