People, things and the Best of Show at Greenbuild

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Bill McDonough
credit: Lloyd Alter/ Bill McDonough

Greenbuild is BIG, attracting 25,000 architects, builders and manufacturers to meetings, educational sessions and the giant exhibition of products. Here's William McDonough, one of the very few people to have his own TreeHugger Tag, co-author of Cradle to Cradle, signing copies of The Upcycle in the CarbonCure booth.

CarbonCure, the neat technology that squirts CO2 into concrete and actually makes it stronger while sequestering it, was not available for poured concrete when we first covered it. Now it is; they actually bring a portable machine to the ready-mixer and add the CO2 to the mix, making for a greener and stronger concrete. More at Carboncure.

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