Not much new in the 2018 New American Home

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credit: New American Home

Every January there is the big International Builders Show, and every year they build The New American Home (TNAH):

It showcases industry best practices, innovative design concepts, state-of-the-art products and the latest construction techniques. Each year, a new home is unveiled to demonstrate the most noteworthy advancements in home building, allowing industry professionals to glean new ideas that they can replicate within other housing projects. A principal goal of the program is to maximize housing performance and energy efficiency. Each home incorporates elements from the NAHB Green Building Standard and embodies only the highest levels of quality, safety, aesthetics, and sustainability.

And every year, TreeHugger looks at it with various degrees of shock and dismay at how few new ideas there are, how big and awful the planning is, and how unsustainable it actually is.

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