New York's tiny prefab apartments at Carmel Place have stories to tell

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credit: Lloyd Alter/ Kitchen view

The generosity continues into the units. They are designed to be ADA compliant so the vestibule, bathroom and kitchen are huge by New York standards. In her recent review, Penelope Green of the New York Times described the kitchen as "proportionally, massive. With a 27-square-foot counter, its total zone, if you count the opposite wall, is 84 square feet, more than a quarter of the apartment’s entire volume."

There is no built-in oven and only a two burner stove, which Green thought problematic. One of her guests commented:

“If groovy millennials are all about cooking and Instagramming the vegan cheesecakes they are making,” she said later, “how do you live that life with a two-burner stove?” Feh, countered Julia, another of my colleagues. Very few people living alone use their whole stove for cooking or fill their full-size refrigerators, she said. “Many of them use their ovens to store shoes or sweaters.”

And in fact, they have added a countertop toaster oven that is in fact a tiny convection oven; we own the same one and unless you are doing a Thanksgiving turkey, it is adequate, and can certainly handle an instagrammable vegan cheesecake. We have baked pies in it.

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