The Month in Design, From Micro-Apartments to GlennBeckistan

The Citadel is a Planned Community Designed for Resilience and Sustainability. Not.

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aerial concept

credit: Citadel III

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It was a month of strange urban planning, from Glenn Beck's Independence, a walkable, historicist model of the best of Agenda 21's sustainable planning, or Citadel III, a prepper's paradise surrounded by walls and funded by a gun factory.

At Talking Points Memo, Eric Lach looks at the people behind the Citadel project (and the mindset that takes them there), while Steve Mouzon admires the planning at the Original Green:

What you see here is a place with defined boundaries, several neighborhoods, a town green and amphitheater, a town center, a factory on the edge, farmland all around the outer walls and a farmers' market just inside the main gate. In other words, it's a town. Except for the town walls and sometimes the farmland outside, these are components you'd find in any New Urbanist town.