It's National Waffle Day, and time for our annual look at yummy waffle slabs

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Washington waffles
credit: Washington waffles/ Lloyd Alter

Waffles in Washington

The Washington Metro, designed by Harry Weese, has incredible waffle slabs arching over many of the stations. They are the focus of an architectural scandal right now, as the stations actually get painted. According to Kriston Capps, writing in the Atlantic,

What might be an exercise in eye-rolling for some Washingtonians (OK, most of them) prompted angst and anxiety for designers, historians, and fans who hold Metro’s design close to heart. Boosters of Brutalism—the little-loved modernist style marked by exposed concrete and a disdain for ornamentation—saw the paint job as more of a hatchet job.

Waffles are meant to be admired in their natural state, not covered up with paint.

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